You Will Experience Silence
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"Fishback has a Kushnerian sense for the complexities of historical memory, and while You Will Experience Silence might not be as panoramic as Angels in America, it’s sassier and more fun....
The play’s two halves add up to a forceful, often hilarious reflection on the politics of American occupation."

- Village Voice (Review)

"The latest work of multitalent Dan Fishback tackles topics from Iraq to sex."

- Time Out New York (Feature Article)

"OMG, you didn't know there were twinks in the land of the ancient, Greek Empire-occupied Israelites? Well, there are at least two in Dan Fishback's funny, poignant and really smart play..."

- Popnography/Out Magazine

"Consistently sharp, funny and endearingly off-kilter."


"Seeing this very downtown work in the midst of Broadway’s pre-Tony crush was like a splash of cold water in the face. 'Silence' is so much smarter, wittier and sexier than, say, 'God of Carnage.'"

- New York Blade

"We were psyched last night to be invited to a rehearsal of 'You Will Experience Silence' — the latest super-smart and funny creation of antifolk hero Dan Fishback..."

- Time Out New York Blog

"Folk singer and playwright Dan Fishback is making Hanukkah sexy."

-Village Voice (Preview)

"At times, my actors seem to think it's weird that we're staging such a sexually graphic play in a building like this, surrounded by older Jews having meetings, singing songs and speaking in Yiddish. But to me, it feels entirely appropriate."


"Fishback fits into a broad, particularly Jewish tradition of argument and invective, whose adherents court both acceptance and rejection. And getting them together in one fell swoop is the mark of its success."

- The Forward

"Dan Fishback manages to be both Jewish and gay, which honestly is not really that much of an accomplishment. What is an accomplishment, however, is his latest play."

- NY Press

"Funny, quick-witted and well-performed..."

- Culturebot

"I ask myself, on a daily basis, why I am making art instead of dedicating my life directly to social justice. I always tell myself that my art will make a bigger difference in the long run, but I’m skeptical of that rationale."

- City Scoops